This is a story of courage, of luck, loyalty and the invincibility of the human spirit. An extraordinary saga of young men who forged a new theatre of warfare with their very lives. A vivid, absorbing tale of heroes and the birth of a modern breed of warrior.
In his dramatic new novel, Ron Eisele evocatively describes how talented aviators with a love of flying hone their skills and develop the strength of character to survive. The SE5 – Britain’s advanced single seat scout - is their ultimate weapon in a high-risk war as they witness first-hand the rapidly developing technology and tactics of aerial combat.
It is May 1917. The conflict in the sky over northern France has reached new heights of savagery. 303 Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Major Thomas McClennan, a man with nothing to live for, commands an elite cadre of men with everything to lose. Men like Captain Scott Cameron, a veteran flier who has inherited his father’s ethics of 'honour in battle’ and whose leadership and compassion make him a hero to his fellow pilots.
1917 Inherit the Blue is a spirited tale relating the experiences of RFC subalterns, James Thompson, Cecil Peterson and Stephen Hogarth. Three young men from a generation who had never known conflict or the loneliness, fatigue and fear of war. Their coming of age and sudden awakening to comradeship, women and adventure is weaved into the tapestry of an engaging and emotional narrative. It is a story of aviators who must strike deep into the heart of an unyielding enemy, or pay the ultimate price for failure.